Chanakya Niti : Women become uncontrollable after seeing this thing of men, they become full of lust

Chanakya Niti For Mens: It is not only men who are attracted to women’s parts, but women also focus on certain body parts of men. Come, according to Chanakya Niti, we know about those men on whom girls pay the most attention…

Chanakya Niti
: Women are attracted by seeing these organs

There is always a curiosity in the mind of every young man that what kind of men women prefer. You must have also seen time and again that some young men always live with women, even though there is no relationship between them, but they are still famous for living with women.

Have you ever wondered how all these young men do it? Do they have a different way of interacting with women or do they impress them in different ways? According to Chanakya Niti, women get impressed by seeing some special qualities of men, such as-

  • Tongue is an important part of men, which women give the most importance. This is the tongue of men. The deeper the red color of the tongue, the more women it will attract. While making physical relations, men touch the private parts of women with their tongue and stimulate them.
  • Linga (genitals): The genitals of men, also called lingas, are symbols of their fertility. It is a major part of the body and women can be affected by seeing it.
  • Eyes: Men’s eyes are an important part of their beauty and personality. Eyes shine, color etc can attract women.
  • Symbols of physical strength: Other parts of the body like arms, chest, abdomen etc. can be attracted because of their shape and healthy appearance. These can be symbols of his physical strength and health.
  • Mouth and lips: Women often pay attention to the mouth and lips of men. By looking at the size, colour, description etc of these organs, a shadowed impression of the person’s personality is given.

Everyone’s preferences and reasons for attraction are different, so some women can be uncontrollable at the sight of these parts. However, apart from being physical, attraction also depends on emotional, mental, and other aspects.

Chanakya Niti: women are obsessed with this

It is a fact that it is very difficult to understand the priority of women as they desire different things from time to time. It is said that every woman is in search of one true love. So, let us find out what type of temperament women prefer in men.

men who listen to them

It is often seen that men always give priority to their views and ignore the views of women. According to Acharya Chanakya, women do not respect such men.

Chanakya policy tells us that men who listen to women and give importance to their views, only those women want to be an important part of their lives.

temperament with women

According to Chanakya Acharya, the priority of women is always those men who treat them satisfactorily. Women are readily drawn to love who respects women, loves them, and treats them with kindness and courtesy.

As per Chanakya Niti Quote, women have a tendency to choose such men as their partners.

to be honest

Everyone likes honesty, but according to Acharya Chanakya’s policy, those men who keep honesty in women are special. Chanakya Acharya has told that women always want to include such men in their lives, who are honest in their relationships and do not cheat anyone.

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