These amazing things about SFO Airport will surprise you

May 7, 1927 was a day of excitement for those living in the San Francisco area. because San Francisco's Mills Field Municipal Airport opened that day

In the course of World War II, the airport served as a Coast Guard facility and played a pivotal role as a training and staging base for the Army Air Corps.

San Francisco Airport currently caters to around 41 million passengers each year, accommodating flights from 43 different airlines.

The largest airline at San Francisco airport, controlling 44 percent of the travel market, is United Airlines.

The San Francisco International Airport has secured the 21st position globally in terms of the volume of passengers it caters to.

San Francisco International Airport stands as the sole airport worldwide that boasts a dedicated yoga room situated within its premises.

San Francisco International Airport offers flights to a remarkable 138 destinations, with 48 reputable airlines catering to scheduled passenger travel.

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